A Message from Gary A. Officer: Hurricane Sandy Response

Dear Rebuilding Together Supporters,

On behalf of the Rebuilding Together Network, I would like to extend our deepest sympathies to our families, friends, and neighbors experiencing devastating losses due to Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. As I write this on October 31, early estimates state that at least 64 people lost their lives, thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed, more than 8 million lost power, and damages will quickly exceed $20 billion.

Rebuilding Together’s National Disaster Assessment and Response Team has been in communication with affiliate leaders from affected areas and is assessing needs and capacity. We are also communicating with agencies such as FEMA and NVOAD (National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster), coordinating an effective and efficient response as part of the larger disaster recovery community. We will be supporting our local affiliates as they begin the process of rebuilding their communities.

Rebuilding Together recognizes the critical need to assist those whose homes have been damaged or destroyed by natural disasters. As the nation’s leading nonprofit working to provide safe and healthy housing for low-income homeowners, we know all too well that they are among the most vulnerable in times of disaster and have the most limited resources when it comes time to rebuild.

To be clear, Rebuilding Together is not a Disaster Response organization. There are many other dedicated and hardworking organizations who are experts in addressing the immediate and short term needs of communities that have found themselves in harm’s way. We have joined with these organizations as a member of NVOAD to represent and address the long term needs faced by our homeowners and the communities where they live. We know our strengths and the strengths of our Affiliate Network are in Long Term Recovery, helping families and communities rebuild after the storm has gone, and often after the cameras have gone as well.

We will need your immediate and continuing support. We are accepting donations for our Disaster Recovery fund in anticipation of massive and ongoing rebuilding needs throughout the northeast. Community starts at home; please help us help others as they work to rebuild.

We also want to thank our many dedicated corporate and community partners, whose generosity supports our ability to serve all of our homeowners, including those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Please visit www.rebuildingtogether.org/disaster to learn more about how you can help.

Best Regards,

Gary A. Officer

President & CEO

Rebuilding Together