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September 17, 2020
Alice is an 81-year-old homeowner who resides in San Francisco. She has lived in her home and community for nearly 30 years and affectionately calls her house the ‘home on the hill’. “We love our home on the hill, having our own space and the view,” said Alice. “We love the deck because we can feel the outside and the openness. This home is my life.”
September 10, 2020
As soon as stay-at-home orders were instated to fend off the spread of COVID-19, schools and businesses had to temporarily close and lay-off employees. Food banks sprang into action, volunteers organized, donors opened their wallets, corporations made gifts, all in support of children who no longer received meals at school and their parents who were going to struggle to put food on the table. Food was the priority then but as evictions loom, millions of Americans are now worried about their home.