Looking at the decade ahead, Rebuilding Together is strategically aligned to build a safer and healthier future for our communities. By 2030, Rebuilding Together has pledged to make more than one million repairs, expand its footprint to all the top 50 most-in-need cities and rural communities, and adopt an organization-wide anti-racist, people-first community-oriented approach into its work and services.

A leading national nonprofit with a mission to repair homes and revitalize historically underserved neighborhoods and communities, Rebuilding Together envisions a world where everyone has a safe home to call their own, and no one has to choose between putting food on the table and making safety-critical home repairs. Our work directly aims to address the impact of current and historical policies, practices and behaviors that create housing inequalities for communities of color, the challenges faced by older adults on fixed incomes, the lack of safe housing for veterans and the limited access to services in rural communities. We do this by providing our neighbors with zero-cost repairs that not only address structural problems, but also make home safer, more accessible, and easier to navigate.

Rebuilding Together to make more than one million repairs for homes and families in need.

By 2030, Rebuilding Together pledges to have completed more than one million repairs in more than 120 communities nationwide. We will prioritize critical, high impact repairs that will increase quality of life, safety, and independence and avoid repairs that will require ongoing maintenance and updates on the short-term. Strong connections with local providers will improve quality and depth of services for neighbors in every home served and help us deliver much-needed wrap-around services and referrals. This goal aims to create access to safe and healthy housing while building generational wealth. Repairs  facilitate aging in place, create safer homes for families and address structural needs that will help pass on homes from one generation to the next.

Rebuilding Together to continue to prioritize anti-racist, people-first community-oriented services.

By 2030, 100 percent of Rebuilding Together affiliates will have integrated our Seven Community Revitalization Partnership Principles into their programs. The principles are an organization-wide anti-racist approach to service that puts the unique needs and interests of the people in that community front and center. The principles are also data-driven and measurable. And just as importantly, they reflect our commitment to building genuine trust and active listening as we engage with neighbors and communities across the country. By centering the assets and interests of communities in our work, Rebuilding Together's services become a platform to advocate for solutions to systemic housing inequalities, fight community displacement, and help homeowners preserve and build generational wealth. Read about our community-first approach.

Rebuilding Together to provide life-changing services in the top 50 strategic areas of need.

Housing insecurity and dislocation are a national issue with local impact.  By 2030, we are committed to growing Rebuilding Together’s services in strategic communities of need across the country. Rebuilding Together will have an established presence in each of the top 50 most strategic areas nationwide to create change where it is most importantly needed. These strategic areas take into account the need for Rebuilding Together services and an environment that will support a sustainable, growing organization. Read about the latest communities where Rebuilding Together has started working.

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  • Goal 1: One Million Repairs

  • Goal 2: People-First

  • Goal 3: Life-Changing Services

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