Everyone faces a long recovery after a disaster strikes their community. Once the immediate crisis has passed and the first responders have done their good work, years can go by before the damage is fully mended. Rebuilding Together  stands by affected families and communities during these long years, helping them rebuild their homes and their lives.

The people we serve are among the most vulnerable to significant, long-term negative impacts to their safety and health when disaster hits. Low-income homeowners and communities are the least able to gather the resources required to repair or replace damaged homes after a disaster.

Rebuilding Together focuses on the long-term recovery phase of the disaster management cycle. Following the initial emergency response, Rebuilding Together helps low-income homeowners to repair their homes to be safer and more resilient, bringing neighborhoods back together as soon as possible.

We work day after day, year after year, for as long as it takes. We gather and deploy the funding, resources, skills and willpower necessary to rebuild.  We are committed to these communities, even after other sources of help, including government assistance and insurance money, have run out, but we cannot do it alone. We need your support to ensure we can be there long enough to achieve full recovery.

Disaster recovery is just one of the many challenges America’s low-income homeowners face as they strive to provide a safe, healthy, independent life at home for themselves and their families. They need our help, and we need yours. Please consider making a donation to support our efforts, including those efforts related to disaster recovery.