We help our neighbors in need by improving the safety and health of their homes. Learn more.

About Us

At Rebuilding Together, we make essential repairs to help our neighbors stay in their homes.

Our work often goes beyond each home. Local affiliates who are rooted in the community work closely with community residents and leaders to revitalize our communities. Together, we create and execute plans to address some of the needs of each specific community.

Through our work, we are also positioned to address the long-term recovery of communities struck by natural disasters. We commit to our neighbors in need and help them rebuild in the months and years following a disaster.

Our Mission

Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives.

Our Vision

Safe homes and communities for everyone.

Strategic Framework

Safe and Healthy Housing

Safe and Healthy Housing is the foundation of Rebuilding Together’s home repair work, targeting significant safety and health hazards based on the Eight Principles of Healthy Homes— keep it dry, clean, pest-free, safe, contaminant-free, well-ventilated, maintained and thermally controlled. Through critical home repairs and home modifications in underserved communities, we address the connection between health and housing, while preserving the existing affordable housing landscape across the US.

Community Revitalization Partnerships

Community Revitalization Partnerships drive Rebuilding Together programming by targeting our service delivery in specific neighborhoods, engaging neighbors as partners and aligning our work more closely with other nonprofit service providers to improve the health and safety conditions of entire neighborhoods, not just individual homes.  Through a systematic, coordinated approach with community members and local organizations, Rebuilding Together revitalizes and sustains safe, healthy and thriving communities.

Components of a Vibrant Community - Equity of Opportunity, Economic Sustainability, Safe and Healthy Housing, Community Connections and Resiliency, Neighborhood Health, Safety and Accessibility


Rebuilding Together started with the simple act of neighbors helping neighbors.

In 1973, a small group of people in Midland, Texas, realized a growing need in their community. Homes in their community had fallen into disrepair and their neighbors could not afford to fix them on their own. The group volunteered their time and skills to rehabilitate the homes of their neighbors. Realizing the potential impact of this work, the group formed Christmas in April, with the intent of performing repair and rehabilitation work in their community every April.

News of the group’s good work spread slowly, but eventually achieved national recognition. The mission spread beyond the idea of providing service once a year in April to bringing together partners from all walks of life to help our neighbors year-round. We opened the national office in 1988 and became Rebuilding Together.

Today, Rebuilding Together has grown into a premier nonprofit community revitalization organization.

Together, with our corporate and community partners, we repair homes, revitalize communities and rebuild lives. Rebuilding Together’s local affiliates and nearly 100,000 volunteers complete about 10,000 rebuild projects nationwide each year.

We are [Re]Builders. What is a [Re]Builder?