Las Vegas Area Neighbor Receives Home Repairs during 2024 Kickoff to Rebuild

February 27, 2024
by Bob Cleveland, Executive Director at Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada

Snuggled under a warm blanket and surrounded by friends, Henderson, Nev. neighbor Sara shared how Rebuilding Together helped keep her safe in her home and community of 54 years.

Back in 1970, Sara and her husband purchased their Valley View home outside Las Vegas, where together they raised their children, enjoying the quiet neighborhood with many other families. The house was brand new when they bought it. Over the years, Sara would take care of the home maintenance herself.

When Sara’s husband passed away about a year and a half ago, she began having difficulty maintaining her home. Since Sara is on a fixed income, she could not afford to have her house painted and could not paint it herself.

Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada helped transform Sara’s home during Kickoff to Rebuild, a Super Bowl-sanctioned event. Together with volunteers, they replaced the water heater and ventilation fan, provided essential plumbing repairs, landscaped and painted Sara’s house.

“I’m feeling very thankful, and humble. What a blessing,” Sara said.