One Question Can Change Your Life: An Interview with Amy Radachi of Rebuilding Together Dayton

March 21, 2024
by Oluchi Pitts, Associate, Marketing at Rebuilding Together National

In our latest podcast episode, we had the privilege of speaking with Amy Radachi, President and CEO of Rebuilding Together Dayton. Amy's journey with Rebuilding Together Dayton began in 1996 when one question helped her find what she would do for the rest of her life. Amy met the founding President and CEO of Rebuilding Together, Patty Johnson, at a conference in Ft. Worth, TX. Amy asked Patty what Christmas in April was (now Rebuilding Together); the rest is history. After learning more about the organization, Amy was hooked and decided to open an affiliate in her hometown of Dayton, Ohio. Since then, Rebuilding Together Dayton has grown into a successful nonprofit helping countless neighbors in the Dayton community.

Amy’s commitment to community service was recognized in 2012 when she was named Executive Director of the Year by Rebuilding Together's national office, as well as receiving other awards and recognitions throughout her career. Her involvement in various commissions and associations in the City of Dayton shows her dedication to community development and revitalization. Her background as a litigation paralegal has influenced her approach to nonprofit leadership, blending legal expertise with community service. Rebuilding Together Dayton's impact on the local community has been profound, transforming communities and providing hope to those in need. Amy's leadership has been instrumental in fostering community engagement.

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