[Re]Builders Podcast Launch: A Conversation with Janice Walker, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Boston

January 22, 2024
by Oluchi Pitts, Associate, Marketing at Rebuilding Together National

Welcome to the first episode of [Re]Builders, the podcast brought to you by Rebuilding Together, the leading national nonprofit organization dedicated to repairing homes for neighbors in need and revitalizing our communities. In this episode, we're excited to introduce Janice Walker, the Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Boston.

Janice shares her inspiring journey to becoming Executive Director and background from her time as a board member of the national organization. Janice’s connection to the mission and her vision for Rebuilding Together Boston highlights her dedication to her community.

Discover the impactful initiatives and projects that Rebuilding Together Boston has recently undertaken. Janice reveals a memorable story that illustrates the profound impact of the organization, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities of community rebuilding in Boston.

Janice emphasizes the significance of community engagement and partnerships in their projects, discussing upcoming events and opportunities for listeners to get involved. Hear about the crucial role volunteers play in Rebuilding Together Boston's work and how community members can actively participate. 

Hear more about Janice's journey with Rebuilding Together Boston in this episode of [Re]Builders on Spotify and tune in on the third Thursday of every month for new episodes!