Rebuilding Together Featured at the 16th Biennial Policy Summit

June 9, 2023
by Melissa Stutzbach, Vice President of National Programs and Impact Measurement at Rebuilding Together National

Housing is the foundation of everything. It determines who has access to transit, fresh produce, good schools, and good jobs. Home repairs of the current housing stock are very cost-effective, non-disruptive and an often-overlooked response to the serious lack of affordable housing. 

The importance of home repair programs will be highlighted at Policy Summit 2023: Communities Thriving in a Changing Economy in Cleveland, presented by the Federal Reserve System. The conference, which focuses on workforce and economic development, small businesses and other topics key to economic inclusion, will bring together local and national experts, researchers, practitioners, funders and policymakers to discuss the latest research, policies and best practices.

I will be a panelist for the “Preserving Privately Owned Affordable Housing through Home Repair Grants and Loans” panel. The panel will discuss how home repair programs benefit low- and moderate-income homeowners themselves, how they contribute to overall neighborhood quality and features of effective and equitable home repair programs. I will also be speaking on the connection between health and housing, how national home repair programs are developed and implemented, how local conditions influence program strategy and how Rebuilding Together measures its impact in communities.

The 16th biennial Policy Summit will be held on Wednesday, June 21 through Friday, June 23. Come learn about the challenges and opportunities to keep people safe in their home!