Rebuilding Together Greater Burlington welcomes Dody’s Day

September 30, 2022
by Arlene P. Clokey, Board President at Rebuilding Together Greater Burlington

We have so many wonderful success stories here at Rebuilding Together. Most of those stories are about the impact of home repairs on the daily life of our neighbors. Over the years, our neighbors have expressed deep gratitude for our repairs, and we've been just as gracious for the opportunity to perform them.

However, before the repairs are complete, we often have many superheroes working in the background to ensure repair funds are secured and everything runs smoothly. Securing funds is a vital step to delivering the mission of Rebuilding Together to provide critical home repairs. In Burlington, Vermont, one superhero among us stood out: Dody Fraher-Ruland.

Dody was a staple within our community and had a remarkable career in the mortgage lending industry. Rebuilding Together Greater Burlington was one organization she felt passionate about, and she generously gave her time as a long-time board member and volunteer. A trusted advisor and mentor to many of her peers, she often brought in 90% of the funding for Rebuilding Together Greater Burlington; Dody was special. Dody touched absolutely everyone she encountered; her enormous heart and generosity were truly unique. Sadly, Dody left us in February of 2022 after a short illness.

To celebrate her life and pay tribute, Rebuilding Together Greater Burlington will have a very special fall project day on October 1, the first annual Dody's Day! Some of the work we'll be doing is ramp construction, front porch construction, window adjustments and gutter cleaning. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $75,000. This will allow one entire project a year to be funded in Dody's name for at least the next ten years. Dody's family, friends and business associates have funded the fall project day. Join us October 1 as we follow the examples Dody left for us to support our community and provide critical home repairs to our neighbors in need.