Serving Our Neighbor with Ask This Old House

January 25, 2023
by Janice Walker, Executive Director at Rebuilding Together Boston

Roz Pendleton is a 75-year-old Dorchester neighbor who has lived in her home for more than 30 years. Roz spent much of her career helping others. She is a retired life coach and worked for the Welfare of Transition with women reentering the workforce. Nowadays, she spends time serving her community–whether that’s volunteering at the election polls or helping out with the community relations liaison of the City of Boston’s Police Department. 

Although Roz has been in her home since 1991, the house was actually built in 1884. Because of the home’s age, repairs were desperately needed. A local electric and roofing company provided her with some repairs, but she needed more. After meeting Roz and performing an inspection of her home, we knew Rebuilding Together Boston could help her. 

For support on this project, we teamed up with our friends at ASK THIS OLD HOUSE®–a PBS show that helps viewers with home improvement projects. The folks from ASK THIS OLD HOUSE® were instrumental in making Roz’s home safer. They repaired the deck that had many safety hazards, added landscaping and created a small patio area in the back of the property.

Additionally, we will be returning to make interior safety modifications to her home next spring.

I am so proud that we were able to give back to someone who spent much of their life serving others. We are so grateful to the talented crew as well as all the volunteers from ASK THIS OLD HOUSE®. You can learn more about the repairs we made on the latest episode of ASK THIS OLD HOUSE®, airing January 26 on Boston's local PBS station, and available on Roku TV starting January 30!