Statement from our President and CEO on the loss of 10 Buffalo, NY neighbors to gun violence

May 16, 2022
by Caroline Blakely, President and CEO at Rebuilding Together National

Our country once again mourns as 13 of our neighbors were shot, wounded and killed in a racially motived act of terrorism. To live in a safe community, what Rebuilding Together is all about, means having access to grocery stores and having the ability to go there without fear of violence.

I am heartbroken and saddened by the loss of those neighbors to gun violence. It is all too easy for us to go about our lives and eventually forget. But this act of violence will cause a lifetime of pain and heartache for children, parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends and neighbors in the Masten Park and Kingsley neighborhoods of Buffalo, NY who lost loved ones.

Rebuilding Together will continue to work towards our vision of safe homes and communities for everyone and that means a country where we do not fear gun violence in our schools, grocery stores, movie theaters, places of worship and all public spaces where we come together as neighbors.