VIDEO: Behind Every Front Door

December 5, 2019
by Katy Martin, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications at Rebuilding Together National

Have you ever walked or driven through a neighborhood and wondered what the everyday life of those neighbors is like?

I do. All the time.

As I pass by each front door, I wonder who lives inside and what the family dynamic might be like. Do they have a family? I wonder what stage of life they may be in and what might be troubling them. I wonder what types of hobbies they like--if, of course, there is not an obvious basketball hoop in the driveway to give it away--and what activities fill up their day.

The truth is, behind every front door is a neighbor with a story of home. Who we share this space with and what this place means to us is all a part of that story. Although home can mean security and happy memories, it can also mean stress and uncertainty. Did you know many of our neighbors struggle with the health and economic implications of living in unsafe and unstable homes?

Behind any front door…

…could be a single mother raising her son who has severe asthma.

…could be a family who gives back to their community, but is finding it tough to make ends meet.

…could be an older veteran living alone whose injuries make it difficult to get around the house.

Behind every front door is a neighbor with a story.

This holiday season, listen in with me to a few stories from neighbors Rebuilding Together has supported with critical home repairs. I am grateful Rebuilding Together's work makes homes and communities safer for neighbors who may be struggling with accessibility, disaster recovery, home hazards like poor air quality and much more.

Not only do I ponder what the lives of these neighbors might be like as I pass by, but also I wonder how we could work together to make their home even more enjoyable.