Expanding Our Reach In Rural Communities: Rebuilding Together’s Rural Training Seminar

August 21, 2023
by Becky Carter, Regional Director at Rebuilding Together National

With affiliates serving 38 states, the work of Rebuilding Together impacts communities of all shapes and sizes. As we strive to be a leading Community Revitalization Partner, we must expand our capacity to reach rural communities. Eleven Rebuilding Together affiliates recently met in Henry County, Illinois for a transformative Rural Training Seminar. The event was a component of the Rural Capacity Building (RCB) grant, aimed at expanding the reach and impact of Rebuilding Together within rural communities across the nation.

The seminar was guided by facilitators from the Community and Economic Development program at the University of Illinois Extension. These facilitators skillfully led Rebuilding Together affiliate leaders through a series of engaging workshops and discussions, equipping them with the tools and insights that will help them grow services within their rural communities. This time allowed affiliates to discuss common challenges and innovative strategies to understand and meet community needs in rural areas.

Additionally, affiliate leaders completed the Community Revitalization Partnership Self- Assessment and dialogued on engaging in an inclusive, person-centered approach in rural communities.

Among the affiliates in attendance were:

  • Rebuilding Together Dutchess County
  • Rebuilding Together Henry County
  • Rebuilding Together Kiamichi Country
  • Rebuilding Together Muscatine County
  • Rebuilding Together Minnesota
  • Rebuilding Together North Central Florida
  • Rebuilding Together Queen Anne’s County
  • Rebuilding Together Rogue Valley
  • Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley
  • Rebuilding Together Thurston County
  • Rebuilding Together Platte Valley East

As they returned to their corners of the country, affiliate leaders left the seminar feeling enthusiastic to apply their newfound knowledge and skills to further enrich and better serve their communities. The Rural Training Seminar in Henry County is a great example of collaboration, education and prioritizing community-driven initiatives. 

Rebuilding Together's Rural Capacity Building grant is through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). We are thankful for HUD's commitment to affordable housing and community development activities in rural areas.