Helping a Bordeaux Couple Stay in the Home They Love

December 22, 2022
by Nicole M. Rowan, Executive Director at Rebuilding Together Nashville

In most communities, there are a few neighbors you can count on to be at every community meeting and neighborhood event–people who are passionate about where they live. In the Bordeaux community, those neighbors are Mr. and Mrs. Benion. 

The Benions moved into their current home in 1987 and have been there for 35 years. They take pride in their home and worked hard to maintain it over the years. Unfortunately, major health issues made the couple unable to complete large repairs that their home desperately needed. Our team at Rebuilding Together Nashville stepped in to help.

The repairs needed were serious and extensive. Over the month of October, our team worked to repair the couple’s roof, gutters and soffits, which all needed to be replaced to prevent water and pests from entering the home. In order to reach those places, an old deck that had lost its structural integrity needed to be taken down. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, the deck was removed in no time. Volunteers took the structure apart and loaded the rotten wood into a dumpster. After the deck was taken apart, we were able to get to work! We had two volunteer days at the Benions’ home with support from Wells Fargo and local partners. 

We are proud to be able to help neighbors like Mr. and Mrs. Benion, who do so much for their community. The Benions are now safer and healthier in their home, and can stay in the community they’ve known and loved for 35 years. Learn more about our work in the Bordeaux community here.