Our work for social justice is ongoing

April 21, 2021
by Caroline Blakely, President and CEO at Rebuilding Together National

The police officer who murdered George Floyd was held accountable, but justice will not come until we dismantle the racism experienced by our neighbors of color every day. Justice would mean a country where Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray and the many others that were murdered by police officers are alive today. It would mean a country where they are given the same opportunities as their white neighbors and their families did not face the oppression that led us to where we are today.

My heart goes out to the Floyd family. This verdict will never bring back their son, brother and father. The trial is a necessary reminder that our work for social justice is ongoing. Here at Rebuilding Together, we have a responsibility to rectify policies and discrimination in housing and the injustice we too often see in our communities today. I am committed, as the President and CEO of Rebuilding Together, to be a part of that change and lead the work with our affiliates to dismantle and reverse the discrimination we have seen for far too long in our communities. Black lives matter, today and every day.