Planning for the Future in 2022

January 11, 2022
by Caroline Blakely, President and CEO at Rebuilding Together National

With all the ups and down of 2021, I am grateful Rebuilding Together continues to be an important safety net for many of our neighbors who are living in unsafe homes or are impacted by natural disasters. I am also grateful for the joy it brings in my life, working with neighbors, community leaders and funders who are partnering with us to create solutions to the housing and community challenges we face. As I reflect on the past year and get started in 2022, I plan on working with our team, affiliates and supporters to create a framework for alignment, growth and stronger impact through 2030.

As I look forward to the future of our organization, this year, we are starting and continuing work to:

Deepen our work to mitigate home and health hazards in order to keep our neighbors safe in their homes and our communities.

Developing training and support for our affiliates, we will improve the quality and depth of services for neighbors in need. We will closely monitor our impact and build consistency and standardization to allow us to expand services to more communities and build trust as a reliable community partner.

Strengthen our presence in communities where we work and identify communities of need to expand our service territory.

Using our standards of excellence as a roadmap for growth and innovation, we will provide support to grow current and new affiliates in area of most need across the country based on data. We will train and support affiliates for organizational capacity, sustainability and growth and spark innovation in our service delivery model.

Continue to earn trust within our local communities and nationally as a top housing and community revitalization partner.

By listening within our communities and through a local and national targeted approach to address equity and inclusion in housing and community revitalization, we will amplify community member voices. We will build partnerships with community-focused organizations, construction and building industries, healthcare systems. We will also continue to advocate for policies that support housing and housing equity and participate in community neighborhood housing roundtables.

The future looks bright for Rebuilding Together but as we grow, we must be strategic and continue to be collaborative and innovative. Our communities depend on it. We cannot create stronger impact alone; it takes a village to build safer homes and communities. A village of neighbors, community leaders, volunteers and funders who all believe in our vision of a safe home and community for every person.