Home Means Everything

September 9, 2022
by Martina Spolini, Executive Director at Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade

Last October, the click, clack and tap of hammers at the home of one Village West Coconut Grove resident could be heard blocks away. Thaddeus, a 63-year-old neighbor, born and raised in the historic Miami neighborhood, was receiving a new roof, among various other repairs. 

Thaddeus loves his community and is often seen walking around the neighborhood, greeting neighbors who have become friends and passersby alike. 

“Home means everything,” he told us. “It means a roof over one’s head. It means comfort, joy and peace. Living in the West Grove makes home that much sweeter!”

When Thaddeus and his wife, Sonia, discovered an active leak in their roof, they tried their best to contain the leak and make do. However, as heavy rainfall worsened the leak and mold began to grow in the ceiling, the couple knew they needed professional help. Thaddeus and Sonia, both retired and living on a fixed income, weren’t certain how they would be able to afford a new roof. 

Thaddeus is active in his community; prior to retirement, he worked in property management. He is passionate about homeowner and tenant rights and volunteers with various organizations advocating for fair housing and representing the diverse residents and business owners of West Coconut Grove.  

It was through his community work that Thaddeus heard about Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade and decided to contact us for assistance. With support from Wells Fargo Builds℠ program, Thaddeus not only received a new roof, but we also installed hurricane impact windows—designed to protect homes from strong storms—painted the outside of his home and did some light landscaping. Since 2010, Wells Fargo has donated more than $17 million to Rebuilding Together and its affiliate network to support rebuilding efforts across the country. 

This year, Wells Fargo is investing $1.3 million to provide neighbors just like Thaddeus and his family with essential home repairs at no cost, allowing residents to remain safe and healthy in their homes.